Exercise: Dashboard


Screen use is an essential part in our modern technological society, it is used everyday and we rely on it without realising. Three graphs have been created in a dashboard to explore the Overall Screen Use, The Amount of Screen Use for Uni Activities and Overall Screen Use Corresponding with Socialising.

In the first graph Overall Screen Use, it explores screen use in its basic state without any filter of the categories and activities. The aim of the graph is just to provide a brief overview of the time spent and compare it with the other two sheets to shows the break down.

It is clear that the laptop is the most used device, this can also be seen in the Uni Activities, however, this is not the same for Socialising. From this you can see how the activities can affect the screen use and you can determine what is the most efficient and effective device to use.


The data source was collected from the Our Time data that was conducted in August 2019 with 51 students participating.

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