About Me

Sunshine Sealtiel

My name is Sunshine Sealtiel, yes, my name is really Sunshine. I am a design student currently enrolled in my second year at Western Sydney University in a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication). My aim for the future is to work as a graphic designer or photographer as I quite enjoy these subjects in university. I value key ideas such as loyalty, non-conformity and happiness which have proven to help me be a unique person of who I am.

I have always been influenced by the visual arts, however, I decided that by doing a course like this I can enhance my creative skills and explore other opportunities. Up until the beginning of this course, my preferred medium was paints and ink but now I have learnt and developed my skills in aspects of photography and computer based work (Adobe Illustrator and InDesign).

The data visualisation process has helped me understand the imperative nature of having accurate and precise data to represent information. It has also shown me the possibility to combine multiple fields of study (such as science, art and music) to convey data.

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